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Department of Informatics and Information Technology

Karabaev Sanzhar Abdusamatovich
Head of the department. Associate Professor of the Department

Receptionhours: Monday – Saturdaytimeuntil 15:00
Address: The building of the academic lyceum at the Samarkand State Medical Institute

List of department employees

Full name Position
Malikov Murod Rasulovich

Associate Professor
Vohidov Alikul teacher
Bahramov Rustam teacher
Nematov Nizom teacher
Abdullaeva Sanobar teacher
Тохирова Фарида teacher
Kubaev Asliddin teacher
Axmedov Odilbek teacher
Djalilov Alisher Shavkatovich teacher

Department History

  According to the order of the rector of SamTI dated January 19, 2005 30-U, the department of "Informatics and Information Technology" was separated from the department of "Biophysics, Informatics and Information Technology" and Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor TS Safarov was appointed head of the department.

  Due to the reduction in the number of departments in the institute, by order of the rector SamMI No. 73-U dated February 18, 2005, the department "Biological and Medical Physics, Medical Equipment, New Medical Technologies" was merged with the department "Computer Science and Information Technology" and was renamed the department "Biophysics, Informatics and Information Technology". Chair holder t.f.d., prof. T.S.Safarov and course director f.m.-f.n., dots.N.O. Sodiqov. From January 2, 2015 the head of the department is Ph.D. Malikov M.R. appointed. In order to ensure the quality of the educational process at the Institute, the Department of "Informatics, Information Technology, Biophysics, Medical Technology and New Medical Technologies" was separated from the Department of "Computer Science, Information Technology" by the order of the Rector of SamDTI dated July 3, 2020 No 543 / AF.


  The work on raising the morale, spiritual and moral level of professors and teachers is well organized at the department. In this regard, the person in charge of spiritual affairs on Thursday in the reading room of the department took the topic of the lesson "Information and coaching hour" given by the Department of Spirituality. Under the leadership of SA Karabayev, teachers and students will gather in the lecture hall at 8:00 in the morning for a lesson on spirituality. In this case, both teachers and students will speak and express their views on the topic. During the event, the necessary photos will be taken and stored in special folders on the computer.


Scientific papers

Monograph, textbook, methodological recommendation.


Informatics and information technologies

Safarov T.S.

Urakov Sh.U.

Bakhramov R.R.


Higher mathematics

Safarov T.S., VokhidovA.M., Malikov M.R., UrakovSh.U., Bakhramov R.R., NematovN.I.


Modeling, Algorithms and Programming

Safarov T.S., Vokhidov A.M., Malikov M.R., Bakhramov R.R., Nematov N.I.



Safarov T.S., VokhidovA.M., Malikov M.R., UrakovSh.U., Bakhramov R.R., NematovN.I.


  Currently, the researchers of the department are conducting scientific and methodological work together with the Institute "Mathematics and Information Technologies" of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, the Samarkand branch of TATU, Samarkand State University. In particular, the department conducts scientific research on methods of processing medical data, creating an automated advisory system for medical diagnostics.

Information on the electronic programs developed by the department


Software theme


Ne’matov N.I.

Samadov M.A.

Automating the work of health resorts.

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